Education Quote - Thomas Carlyle

Thought is the parent of the deed.

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Education Quote - Barrell

The "Hidden Curriculum" Barrell (1991)

•The teacher "teaches" and the students "sit and listen" or learn passively.
•There is one "right answer" to any question, and it is in the book to be read.
•The answer to most questions can be given in one or two words, and no one will challenge you to go deeper.
•Books and teachers are always "right", and we learn only from them, not from any other resource in the room, such as our friends.
•If we wait long enough, a teacher will answer her own question, so we won't have to do much work. The teacher is the only one worth listening to.
•If we ask enough questions about a difficult assignment, we can get the teacher to make it easier and less demanding.
•"Thinking" is not something we talk about.
•If I memorize enough stuff, I can get a good grade.
•Most tasks and tests will demand recall of isolated pieces of information, and I will not have to show how concepts and ideas are related or how facts illustrate underlying principles.

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