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Ultra Marathon Runner supports children:

An Ultra marathoner with a mission to help under privileged children:

In a time of heightened crime, gangs, drugs, illiteracy and racial intolerance, where our children can view the disturbing images of man’s inhumanity to man with one click of the mouse, veteran ultra marathoner, John Radich of Monrovia, CA, with over 100 races run, has dedicated his life to bring hope to our children and our future, one mile at a time.

For the past 20 years Radich has participated in some of the world's toughest ultra marathons, including being a 5-time finisher in the grueling 135-mile Death Valley race, which is held in July in temperatures exceeding 125 degrees. Radich recently became one of the first two runners with a documented crossing of both Death Valley and the John Muir Trail combined by running the 211-mile John Muir Trail after finishing the Death Valley run and then finishing in Yosemite National Park. This past April Radich won the Arizona 6 Day Race, covering an impressive 361 miles over the 6 day span. In 1999 John ran all the way from Athens, Greece to Hamburg, Germany. And over his career John has run in countless 50 and 100-mile trail and road races locally and internationally.

Radich is always seen wearing his signature t-shirt heralding the message "Set A Good Example" taken from The Way to Happiness, a handbook of universal life principles that promotes self respect and values of trust, honesty and tolerance. The Way to Happiness book is published in over 90 languages and over 65 million copies of the book have been distributed worldwide, including programs in over 12,000 U.S. schools.

Throughout John's running career, he has endeavored to be a stellar example of world-class athleticism, sportsmanship and dedication to help our youth, who are our future. Radich works at the Glendale based non-profit The Way to Happiness Foundation International. Along with his fund raising endeavors, Radich is captain and coach of Team Way to Happiness running team.

In his continuing quest, Radich plans to run the High Desert 31 mile ultra marathon out in Ridgecrest, California December 4th. "I look forward to running with many top notch runners and meeting new friends who share our common interest.

“Ultra marathoners are a unique breed and many people can't fathom why we run these distances”, says Radich. But for John this challenge is not about status or ego, but knowing that he can do something to help many under privileged children who have been given a raw deal. “That means something to me. Kids count!” says Radich. “Sure the challenge of the race and pushing your body over 50 and 100 miles, running with no sleep and overcoming the aches and pains gives it's own personal satisfaction. Years of dedicated training, blood, sweat and tears and joys all come with the sport. But even better is being an ultra marathoner and putting my running to good use.”

Radich considers it an honor to help youth and feels that he is only as valuable as he can help others. “It breaks my heart to see kids involved with drugs, crime, broken families, kids committing adult crimes and even murder. Our society has gone morally bankrupt in these areas. It disturbs me”, states Radich. The Way to Happiness Foundation International is the group he has dedicated his support to since 1986 in his efforts to take a stand against these deadly trends.

Radich plans to run complete the challenging Nine Trails 35 mile rocky course through the Los Padres National Forest. John's goal is to raise $10,000 dollars to supply The Way to Happiness materials for use in youth programs. All donations are tax deductible as The Way to Happiness Foundation International is a 501c group. Do pledge:

Contact The Way to Happiness Foundation International at 800-255-7906.