Tom Cruise credits Scientology with helping him overcome dyslexia:

Tom Cruise says Scientology helped with learning disability

When I was about 7, I had been labeled dyslexic...

...I'd try to concentrate on what I was reading, then I'd get to the end of the page and have very little memory of anything I'd read. I would go blank, feel anxious, nervous, bored, frustrated, dumb.

After "Top Gun" came out in 1986, Cruise became a Scientologist and discovered the ``Study Technology'' the religion's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, developed in the 1960s.

I realized I could absolutely learn anything that I wanted to learn, Cruise said.

Now the 41-year-old actor is a founding board member of the Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, a nonprofit group that uses Hubbard's teaching techniques in a secular setting.

I don't want people to go through what I went through...

...I want kids to have the ability to read, to write, to understand what people are saying to them, to be able to solve life's problems.

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