Subway discrimination against homeschooling families

Subway sandwich shops have a cute little contest.

Just adorable, except for that fact that they discriminate against some children - including homeschooled children.

In this contest, they start you off with a few options for story starters. Then the parent & child are supposed to finish the story.

This is how I finished the story --

The Race to Red Onion Ranch
Everyone gathered in the center of town for the start of the race except...

the homeschooled children. They were discriminated against and denied access to the race.

Even though their parents paid taxes like everyone else, and even though the homeschooled children volunteered many hours for human rights groups and community groups, they were outcasts.

The parents of the homeschooled children felt very sad for their children.

To cheer them up, they took them to Subway, which was the favorite fast food restaurant for the family, and where one homeschooling family of 9 frequently spent more than $50 for a meal.

There was a sign on the door, however, stating very clearly, "Homeschooling families not welcome here."

The family then realized that they would never spend another dime at any Subway restaurant again.


Dawn said...

I Just don't agree that they're discriminating against us in a negative sense. This contest is to benefit schools. The grand prize is athletic equiptment donated to the winner's school. Subway and scholastic have every right to restrict the entries to people who go to schools.

neededandwanted said...

The prize includes items just for the child/family.

Subway could have easily followed a policy of inclusion, rather than exclusion, and allowed the winners to designate the school or recreation center that would be awarded the athletic equipment.

There is more to this prize than just the equipment - and that should have been extended to homeschooled children.

The children also must have parents who legally reside in the U.S. - there are many children who are legal citizens whose parents are not.

It's just bad business to create contests that some children are barred from for no real good reason.